Are you ready to love your body again?

I see you!

Are you a woman looking to reconnect with your body? Do you feel like you’ve lost touch and you just need to regroup? Are you just trying to stay afloat with work, family or partner, discouraged by your health or age, or losing touch with your friends and community? It all requires attention and time and our ability to care for ourselves is often the first thing we drop.

That is where I come in. I am a survivor who found power in ending the destructive cycle that once consumed me. Destructive cycles may be personal struggles, internalization of social expectations, or habits passed generation to generation. These cycles create emotional trauma and degrade our physical and spiritual well-being. I am dedicated to helping women rise above their challenges and reach their greatest potential. We can all love our bodies, respect the value of self-care and end self-defeating cycles.

I’m now a Group Fitness Instructor certified through the Aerobic Fitness Association of America and with Health Coach Certification from the American Council on Exercise. For the last few years, I’ve helped postpartum and prenatal women reconnect with their bodies and their confidence and now I’m honored to be serving all SE PDX women with Kfit. I’ll help you reconnect, identify targets and find the path to a whole you!

You’ll not find diet shakes or cookie cutter plans with me. I’ve worked with a wide range of women, coming from different seasons of life and we’ll begin where you are today, keeping your desires, schedule and ability in mind. Don’t want to go to a gym or do burpees? That’s fine, I’ve got you. My promise is that I will listen, guide and support you through your journey to success!

Who needs this?

  • If you want to improve your sleeping, drinking, eating, yelling, intimacy or stress
  • If you’re wanting to get back to an activity you love (swimming, gym, skiing, running, sex)
  • You hope to try something new in your life! (Running, group fitness, hiking, kickboking, roller derby)
  • If you’re hoping to increase intimacy with your partner!
  • You want to add meal planning and/or exercise routines to your life!
  • You’re not sure how to love healthy food or how to meal plan but you think you want that too!

How do you get started? Answer Three Quick Questions Here

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