Free Consultation – Friendly little chat to help you process your ideas! (20 min)

$50 – Test and Talk – Use the InBody® machine, and 30 minutes consultation to go over results and answer any questions you have.

$75.00 – Kitchen Meeting – Let’s meet in YOUR kitchen, talk about changes you want to see and then spend time looking at what in your cupboards benefit you and which ones might be a speed bump in your goals! (60 min)

$360 – Rumble to your own unique rhythm! Rumble is a weekly infusion of good vibes plus a full body cardio and strength building workout. In this twelve-week course, we start with an in-depth review of your personal body composition numbers using our InBody® Machine and then work together to establish your unique plan for success! I will provide custom support, self-care and nutrition insights and a monthly review of your body composition analysis. We’ll work together to make a positive difference in your life.  If you want cardio, balance, and core strength wrapped in a love yourself mindset, this is for you!

  • Review of your results and assisted goal setting.
  • Weekly workout with a nutrition focus
  • Weekly in person support to review food journals, goals, results
  • BONUS: Additional workout through KFit Studios

$960.00 – Six Month Plan – Let’s do it all and I’ll be your support, cheerleader, team, coach and friend! We’ll set your goals, map a sustainable plan to get you to your goals!

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